My Approach To Psychotherapy

My approach is collaborative, tailored to your specific needs and goals. Patients often come to me in much pain, feeling overwhelmed, confused, and stuck. On top of their suffering, they are usually critical of their feelings and coping strategies. Such self-criticism works against the process of change. I will bring curiosity and compassion to my work with you so that we can begin to explore the feelings and ways of being that have felt intractable.

Along with my curiosity and non-judgmental stance, I bring a keen sensitivity to nuances and an appreciation for the complexity of each person's unique experience.  In our work together, I hope to help decrease the distressing symptoms you are currently experiencing while also working with you to examine and change long-standing patterns that cause you difficulty.

Therapeutic Techniques

Depending on your unique needs, there are a variety of different therapeutic techniques you will find helpful. You and I will decide together which method to use. For example, EMDR is often quite effective with trauma. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can help break out of self-defeating habits. If you are trying to make a change to long standing habits, Psycho-dynamic Therapy is often quite helpful. It helps to remember that many of the difficulties we experience actually make sense given what has happened to us in our past.

Fostering Mental Health

I believe that mental health is being able to know about and constructively express a wide range of thoughts and feelings. Many people were raised in environments that explicitly or implicitly taught them that certain feelings and thoughts were bad, dangerous, unbearable, or unacceptable. In my approach to our work together, no thoughts or feelings are off limits, and I will encourage you to share what's on your mind as freely as you can.

As I listen and we explore what's going on for you, I will help you make connections (which you may not be fully aware of on your own) between past and present experiences, feelings, and relationships, giving you a better sense of who you are, and ultimately more freedom in the choices you make in your life.

Creating A Therapeutic Environment

Psychotherapy is a space for you that should feel safe and comfortable enough to talk about the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are most upsetting to you, as well as to share your dreams, successes, and desires. I encourage your feedback about our work together, both what's working and what isn't, as I value your input. Creating a safe environment and having open lines of communication is crucial to supporting the work you want to accomplish in therapy. The goal of psychotherapy is to be able to live a fuller and more satisfying life.

I strongly believe lasting change is possible and that it takes time, energy, and commitment. My psychotherapy practice is dedicated to helping people create the time and space to explore themselves in order to heal old wounds and create the change they want in their relationships and their lives.