How Do I Get In Touch With You?

You can call (1-800)-537-0634.

How Long Does Therapy Take?

Some issues can be solved with a few sessions. Issues that are long standing and that have impacted many areas of your life will most likely take longer to resolve. My intention is to help you achieve relief as soon as possible.

Do I Need Therapy?

There are many reasons why someone could choose therapy. Often problems are interfering with work, home, or other important areas of life. Some issues I've helped people deal with are; relationship issues (communication, conflict resolution, power struggles, infidelity, negative patterns of relating), depression, anxiety (stress, phobias, panic attacks, fears, etc.), substance abuse, addictions and compulsions, trauma, childhood abuse, co-dependency, grief & loss and life transitions (adolescence, pre-marital, new baby, divorce, empty nest, career change).

How Do I Know If I'm Depressed?

You may find yourself over- or under-eating and sleeping. You feel like you're not getting as much pleasure out of life. There may be a loss of interest in normal activities. You could have difficulty concentrating. You may feel as though you are living in black and white, and not experiencing life's rainbow of colors. You may lack energy to get things done or have too much edgy energy. You may feel like you're just going through the motions and lack vitality. There may have been a recent loss or you could be feeling guilty and have low self-esteem. You may have thoughts of suicide or just not want to be around anyone anymore.

How Do I know If Anxiety Is A Problem?

You could have difficulty sleeping, waking throughout the night. You may have nightmares. Your digestion can be affected by anxiety. You could feel so stressed that your work or relationships are suffering. Fears and worries can seem to dominate your life. You may have fears that seem irrational. You may be having panic attacks.

How Do I Know If Addiction & Compulsions Are A Problem?

Have you tried to stop using? You may have tried to change or stop behaviors and been unsuccessful. You might tell yourself you'll stop after the next drink and then keep drinking. Some people find their compulsions affecting their health, their work, their relationships. Some people find themselves continuing to use despite negative consequences. Many have grown up in a family where addictions and compulsions were or are a problem. You may find yourself focusing on the others in your life, neglecting your own needs, desires and welfare (codependent). You may be filled with shame from time to time.

What About Insurance?

I am a participating provider for most, if not all insurance vendors throughout New York State. It is best to call your customer service number of your insurance company to inquire about pre-authorization and what co-pays or deductibles you may be responsible for with any licensed behavioral health provider.